Announcing the AppFolio Integration, FINALLY

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of a feature request that has been in our backlog for ten years. Yes, it’s been literally a decade. Some Great Things take time. (Just in case anyone is considering an over-the-hill birthday gift for yours truly.) So let’s just celebrate. ShowMojo™ is officially part of the AppFolio Stack™ Marketplace. That means never-before-seen integration capabilities.

CATCH A BREAK With Unit-Based Pricing Plans

Residential leasing is anything but predictable. Seasons shift and creak. Markets rocket and dive and roll and bounce. All the while people come and go only a whole lot faster right now.  Looking for some predictability? Check Out the Unit-Based Plans. These plans have everything you could hope for, from full-featured do-it-for-you (Ultra) to just-get-it-done affordable (Classic). And, then, there’s the favorite mainstay (Pro) that puts all the ShowMojo features you know and love on a super-predictable budget.

True Two-Way Text Messaging Is FINALLY Here

You can now text message any prospect in ShowMojo on any leasing-related matter. This open beta is available to all accounts on a Live Answer Bundle and any account on an Annualized Units-Under-Management Plan. There are no additional charges for this feature. And, unlike some other glass-house-inhabiting, copy-cat knock-offs out there, ShowMojo’s text messaging does not include any hidden fees.