What’s New with the MojoLock G4

   Easier to Install

   New Designs

   Improved Weather Resistance

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Make Smart Access a Standard with the MojoLock G4

Buy MojoLock G4s right now and use them exclusively with the ShowMojo app.

MojoLock provides simple and intuitive smart access directly from the mobile app or by entering an access code on the keypad. Access is extremely versatile, with code restrictions by hour, by day, and for up to 28 months.

Give keyless access to vendors, staff, and residents. You can use duration-limited codes, and even clear all access codes off the MojoLock. There’s no danger that a former resident (or anyone else) can gain access with an old code. Imagine the potential saving versus rekeying on every move out.

To learn more about MojoLocks or the entire ShowMojo platform, Get in Touch with one of our representatives today. Some monthly fees may apply, depending on your ShowMojo plan.

Make Smart Access Amazing with ShowMojo

Combine MojoLocks with a ShowMojo account for a superior Leasing Automation experience.

MojoLock allows you to go keyless with your property management company or real estate empire to take Leasing Automation to the next level with delightful and secure self-showings. You can give smart access to every resident, including Bluetooth unlock and the ability to share access codes with friends and family as well as supporting multi-lock deployments for both single family homes and multi-unit properties.

MojoLock connects directly to a ShowMojo account, so property owners and managers can easily grant access only to anyone who needs it. This digital deadbolt combines convenience and security to make showings even easier when incorporated with the ShowMojo platform.

Even though MojoLock works directly with a mobile app via Bluetooth, these digital access locks for single-family property owners do not need to be connected to the Internet. This means they do not require an always-on wireless or cellular connection or expensive equipment such as a hub. This makes these smart digital deadbolts much more affordable than other options. All that is required is a ShowMojo account. As the leaders in Leasing Automation, we can ensure these access locks for landlords provide users with dependable functionality, reliable security and ease of use.

Purchase the MojoLock G4 Now