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Case Study

A Step Ahead and ShowMojo Make Property Management Magic

Chad Stickley and his property management company, A Step Ahead Management, are known for providing an excellent tenant experience, from showing to move-out.

That reputation goes back to February 2014, when Stickley, his wife, Lisa, and his best friend, Breandan, founded A Step Ahead Management. Go ahead, Check Their Google Reviews. Try to find one page where no one mentions the seamless application, quick responses, or easy rental processes.

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Case Study

Atlas Rental Property Scales Smart and Secure with ShowMojo

Atlas Rental Property is the property management arm of Spartan Invest, a turn-key real estate investment company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Spartan Invest purchases properties, renovates them, and sells them to investors. The company then manages those properties through Atlas Rental Property on behalf of the investors. As of this writing, the company has about 1900 units under management. Most of that inventory is in or near Birmingham but also spans across northern Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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Case Study

Simple Property Management Comes for the Scheduling, Stays for the Keyless Entry

Jon Smith, the owner of Simple Property Management, keeps himself busy with two big projects. The first is his high school basketball team, which he’s been coaching for more than a decade. The second is managing 175 residential units throughout the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Balancing these two projects isn’t a simple task. The high school basketball season doesn’t exactly fit around an 8-hour workday. And the demands of property management often get loudest at the most inconvenient times.

But with the help of ShowMojo, Smith makes it look easy.

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Case Study

How the MojoBox Reunited RPM Solutions and ShowMojo

For Dan and Angela Hayes, business is a family affair. And a successful one at that. They recently celebrated the tenth year of their property management company, RPM Solutions.

In the heavily regulated Portland Metro area, RPM Solutions manages everything from a single accessory dwelling unit (ADU) up to 40-unit multi-family buildings.

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Case Study

RPM Experts Uses ShowMojo to Unlock a Frictionless Experience

In February 2021, Karim Lokas and sister-in law Dolly Wakim and her husband, Elias Daniel from Lebanon opened the doors to their property management company, RPM Experts.

A little over two years later, Real Property Management (RPM) Experts has 235 single-family units under management. And the company is about to sign its first multi-family property.

But before all that, Karim, Dolly and Elias had a vision — to become the go-to property managers for investment-minded property owners in greater Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Case Study

2B Living Solves the Headaches of Leasing at Scale with ShowMojo

In property management, growth is the dream—but it can also be the stuff of nightmares.

Leasing agents shackled to their desks in chains of prospect emails. Managers throwing darts to make staffing decisions. Software deployed in a patchwork of workarounds.

And at the other end of it all is a painful drip of leads that you coulda, shoulda, woulda closed.

Fortunately for 2B Living, a Bay Area-based property management company with over 3000 units under management, their savvy Director of Leasing, Michael Price, knew enough to know how important it was to avoid the wheel-spinning, property management growth purgatory.

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Video Case Study

Improving Lead Capture and Leasing Automation

Mark Ainley, Partner at GC Realty & Development, talks about how they tackled the marketing and leasing process to convert more leads by working with ShowMojo.

Product Review

A Comprehensive MojoBox Review

My first impression was that the MojoBox has a great design. I like that it has a slim profile, which is rare for electronic lockboxes, but the quality of the build is very high. It’s durable, and sturdy, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it won’t damage the door surface. It’s much lighter than all of the other electronic lockboxes, and it fits well on buildings with exterior storm doors.

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