Atlas Rental Property

Atlas Rental Property is the property management arm of Spartan Invest, a turn-key real estate investment company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Spartan Invest purchases properties, renovates them, and sells them to investors. The company then manages those properties through Atlas Rental Property on behalf of the investors. As of this writing, the company has about 1900 units under management. Most of that inventory is in or near Birmingham as well as Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The day-to-day property management falls on Bridget Alverson’s shoulders, Leasing Manager at Atlas Rental Property.

Before her team brought ShowMojo into the fold, Alverson wasn’t necessarily agitating for new tech. She had her way of doing things. And in her estimation, it worked well.

But the company had recently grown to 50+ employees and, as Alverson admitted, “We needed something that could grow with us.”

Then she saw the ShowMojo demo – and Alverson’s mind couldn’t help but light up with a list of possibilities. She could see A New World Where Leads Weren’t Missed, Self-Showings Were More Secure, and Leasing Decisions Were Based on Real Data, Not Gut Feelings. It was a better way to work for her, her team, and the organization.

ShowMojo helps our team stay organized, ensures all leads are contacted — and the MojoBoxes have been a game changer!
Bridget Alverson, Leasing Manager, Atlas Rental Property

Atlas Rental Property Makes the Switch to ShowMojo

Alverson is no Luddite. Nonetheless she readily admits if there was someone on the team who would’ve resisted introducing a new tool… it would be her.

But, from the first ShowMojo demo she saw, Alverson was sold. With a growing inventory of properties, investors, and employees, Alverson immediately saw how a more Comprehensive Solution could change both her day-to-day activities and the company’s trajectory.

As the company’s leasing manager, the reporting functionality was huge for Alverson.

A Game Changer for Reporting

Spartan Invest has a lot of investors to report to. Before ShowMojo, compiling those reports wasn’t a perfect science. Alverson had to speak with leasing agents and cobble together their notes and hers to evaluate listing performance. She got the job done, but it required workarounds.

With ShowMojo, the guesswork is gone because Alverson has easy access to Detailed, Accurate Metrics on Listing Performance. She can see metrics like days on market, scheduled vs. actual showings, self-showings vs. agent showings, and more.

With just a flew clicks, Alverson can turn on automated weekly activity reports that are sent directly to owners. And, when she needs to rationalize a situation or a decision to an investor, she can pull a variety of reports when additional data are needed.

This makes the whole process of reporting to investors much less time-consuming and stressful. Even when Alverson has to deliver recommendations investors don’t want to hear, it’s much quicker and easier to agree on constructive decisions with cold, hard data.

Making Leasing Agents Even Smarter

Atlas Rental Property’s leasing agents pride themselves on maximizing their owners’ occupancy rates. Two key capabilities of ShowMojo help them do this, according to Alverson. The first is prospect Feedback Collection. By automatically prompting prospective renters with a post-showing survey, ShowMojo helps leasing agents zero in on where they and their properties can be better.

The second, which Alverson kept coming back to, was ShowMojo’s Leasing Automation.

The automated responses that ShowMojo provides help ensure nothing falls through the cracks, which has been huge for us as we’ve grown.
Bridget Alverson, Leasing Manager, Atlas Rental Property

In addition to those automated responses, ShowMojo also Automatically Schedules and Confirms Showings, Sends Follow-up Emails, Conducts Screenings, and Much More.

Secure Self-Showings at Scale

Atlas Rental Property is one of the few property managers in the area that still offers Agent Showings. But Self-Showings are also key (pun intended) to maximizing occupancy.

In fact, every property is equipped with self-showing lockboxes. And Alverson’s goal is to have every one of those lockboxes converted to a MojoBox by early 2024. She said “The MojoBoxes are a favorite among the agents. It’s probably their favorite part of ShowMojo.”

The MojoBoxes and ShowMojo have helped Atlas Rental Property ensure easy and secure property access, something that wasn’t always a given with their old lockboxes. Features like automated identity and location verification, give Alverson and her team self-showing peace of mind.

For the uninitiated, Automated Location Verification confirms the prospect is physically at the property at the time of the showing. If it’s not, ShowMojo doesn’t provide the access code. And the automated identity verification feature confirms that the person is who they say they are by scanning their state ID. When needed, this feature also automatically runs a bank-level identity check.

Take that, scammers.

Switching to ShowMojo — Painless as Could Be

At the time we switched to ShowMojo, we were also switching to AppFolio. Yet the process of switching to ShowMojo was painless. The ShowMojo team was at our fingertips any time we had a question. And whether it was an issue with ShowMojo or AppFolio, the team handled it either way. We didn’t have to think about it.
Bridget Alverson, Leasing Manager, Atlas Rental Property

She continued, ”Anytime we had a question, all we had to do was call or send an email.”

That’s all you have to do too, by the way. Just chat, email, or click the button below. Find out all that ShowMojo and Leasing Automation has to offer your property management business.

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