What Are Our Customers Saying?

Shannon Daugherty, New Heights Property Management

“I am constantly amazed at how quickly you all respond to every single email. The customer service has been outstanding.”

Tony Chinnici, Real Property Management Corazon

“I would like to let you know that to this point I am SUPER HAPPY with our change to ShowMojo. NO new scamming SOB’s. Good follow-ups and feedback for showings. Easy to set up a multifamily property with an onsite manager to show units on a different calendar.”

Robert Moorehead, MFM Management

“ShowMojo is fabulous! It gets the marketing out to plenty of websites, and the filter questions before setting an appointment saves time for both the people seeking to rent and the leasing company. No sense wasting anyone’s time. Yes, we are big fans of ShowMojo!”

John Starks, Real Property Management Momentum

“ShowMojo has been great to work with! The onboarding team has done an exceptional job in explaining the functionality and features that ShowMojo provides. We are extremely pleased with the time savings, reporting, and real time management tools that ShowMojo delivers our property management team here at Real Property Management Momentum.”

Talal Pharoan, SJA Property Management

“As usual, ShowMojo Support has excellent response-time and response-quality. I really like how well put the responses are and how patient the support team is with my learning curve. I cannot imagine a better way to grow my business than with a vendor as refined as ShowMojo.”

Oscar Mendoza Executive Apartment Locating

“I’ve been with RentLinx for six years and so far ShowMojo has surpassed my expectations after only one week.”

Tami Sturridge JTS Property Solutions

“ShowMojo is truly a class act! We thoroughly enjoy your software and the continuous improvements you make. And your customer service is next to none. Thanks for all you do for your customers. Keep up the amazing work!”

Peter Pasquale Fox Property Management

“You have great email support. Most companies give you insufficient answers or don’t answer the question asked – they answer something else. You guys are always on the money.”

Matt Kellond, Tedarla Properties

“Your company has been great since our first contact. Thank You!”

Mark Abbott, Go Realty

“ShowMojo takes a lead and converts it 100x easier than Rently, Tenant Turner, and Appfolio Guest Cards.”

Larry Johnson, Rental Home KC

“Thank you for your continuing improvements to the already great ShowMojo system. The Primary Agent feature truly is an exciting feature, especially since it comes just as the busy season is upon us. It is very easy to set up and we have it implemented.”

Maggie Rickard, Habitation Realty

“Thank you and we LOVE using ShowMojo and working with tech support. We wish all of the companies were as good and responsive as you!”