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In property management, growth is the dream – but it can also be the stuff of nightmares.

Leasing agents shackled to their desks in chains of prospect emails. Managers throwing darts to make staffing decisions. Software deployed in a patchwork of workarounds.

And at the other end of it all is a painful drip of leads that you coulda, shoulda, woulda closed.

Fortunately for 2B Living, a Bay Area-based property management company with over 3000 units under management, their savvy Director of Leasing, Michael Price, knew enough to know how important it was to avoid the wheel-spinning, property management growth purgatory.

Searching for a Solution to Leasing at Scale

In February of 2023, 2B Living had recently grown from managing 700 to 3000 units. And they were determined to offer the same (or better) service that had catalyzed their growth.

To better operate at scale, Price and his team were on the hunt for leasing solutions. They had tried five before Price discovered ShowMojo. And each solution they tried came with varying degrees of success.

The main problem with the other solutions was clunky workarounds for functionality related to:

  • Managing ad syndication.
  • Automating the leasing process.
  • Capturing and consolidating leasing data for analysis.

As frustrating as cycling through a quintet of subpar products was, there was an upshot – Price knew exactly what he wanted and his team needed.

So once he saw what ShowMojo could do, it didn’t take long for him to sign up a portion of 2B Living’s portfolio of properties to the platform.

What immediately struck me was ShowMojo’s combination of configurability and capability. With other solutions we constantly ran into “no’s”. But with ShowMojo, the answer was always “yes”. It got to the point where everything started to seem almost too easy.
Michael Price, 2B Living, Director of Leasing

From Trial to Rollout… to a Historic Month of Leasing

After just a month’s trial, Price decided to start rolling ShowMojo out to half, and then all, of 2B Living’s portfolio.

In two short months, the full rollout of ShowMojo was complete. But of course, with new technology, it’s rarely (i.e. never) all sunshine and roses.

Initially, a few of 2B Living’s agents were wary of handing their schedules over to ShowMojo’s army of automatons. They were concerned they’d lose control. So those agents chose to continue to manage their schedules manually.

During the ShowMojo onboarding, those agents learned how to control their schedule even after they handed it over to ShowMojo. They could set daily and weekly limits, add time buffers around outside meetings, block off certain periods, and do everything else needed to make their schedule their own — even inside ShowMojo.

Then came the day when one of those holdout agents decided to remove many of those restrictions and let ShowMojo’s Autonomous Scheduling take over. ShowMojo promptly scheduled 20 tours that day, all clustered together and easily drivable from one showing to the next. That’s when the light came on.

ShowMojo didn’t take away their freedom – it was just the opposite. They could spend less time on unqualified leads and manually scheduling tours, and more time on closing listings.

From being introduced to and trialing the platform to onboarding and account management, ShowMojo’s team provides great customer service. Any time I have a question, it’s answered quickly. And managing my account is super easy.
Michael Price, 2B Living, Director of Leasing

Just a few months after 2B Living and ShowMojo met, 2B Living had its best-ever month of leasing. And while we’d like to take all of the credit, we’re much more humble than that.

Humility notwithstanding, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the three key benefits of ShowMojo that Price partially attributed to 2B Living’s historic leasing success:

1. Greater Efficiency and Resource Management

With ShowMojo, both leasing agents and leasing managers at 2B Living saw significant efficiency gains.

For leasing agents, the platform became a de facto executive assistant. ShowMojo now handles the entire process of team-wide tour scheduling in a single, unified calendar. With AI-like touches that schedule showings based on driving distances, traffic, and even time of the day – 2B Living’s agents can constantly operate a the highest level of efficiency.

By qualifying prospects automatically, ShowMojo also ensures 2B Living’s agents only spend time on serious leads. All that means more qualified leads, more tours, more closings, more commissions, and more revenue for 2B Living’s clients. Need we say more?

For leasing managers, the transparency ShowMojo created was a game changer.

Since ShowMojo surfaced hard data on key metrics, managers could make more reliable estimates of staffing requirements. And they could ensure existing staff was being utilized to their capacity.

2. Improved Compliance with Performance Standards

As a company, 2B Living tripled its units under management before ShowMojo came on the scene. So clearly, they knew what they were doing.

But when they combined themselves with ShowMojo, service leveled up.

This was especially evident for leasing agents. Automated and templated emails from ShowMojo mean agents have more mental space to deal with complex issues. Things like remembering to follow up, scheduling, collecting information – ShowMojo can handle that.

Even outside of business hours, ShowMojo makes sure every single prospect can schedule a tour or get more information. 2B Living’s agents didn’t need to be available for that. Nor did they need to start the day with voice and mail inboxes full of messages from prospects.

Best of all, leasing managers don’t necessarily have to increase headcount to improve service. Instead, existing agents are maximized. And when new headcount is needed, ShowMojo’s data makes that evident.

3. Ease of Data Accessibility

Speaking of Data, the reports and dashboards that ShowMojo enabled were a pleasant surprise to Price and his team.

Before ShowMojo, leasing data, like the number of tours scheduled and leads closed, was all over the place. But now all that data lives in ShowMojo’s integration with 2B Living’s property management software, which makes turning the data into intelligence much easier.

Among other things, 2B Living can now analyze:

  • Lead-to-conducted-showing ratio over time.
  • Average showing per listing per week.
  • Applications started and submitted.
  • New resident growth.

All this makes 2B Living an even smarter business. Managers make quicker, data-driven staffing decisions. Executives are armed with data when they make recommendations to property owners. And agents can be kept informed of and accountable to their performance standards.

2B Living and ShowMojo Building Together

ShowMojo and 2B Living have only been together for half a year. But this is not your typical celebrity marriage.

It’s a union built on the shared values of top-tier service, constant improvements, and a silky smooth tenant experience.

When you sign up on a platform like ShowMojo, you’re not just paying for a subscription. You’re also investing in the infrastructure around the platform — building systems and processes and training your people. That’s a significant investment. With ShowMojo, I’m confident in that investment because, just like us, they’re committed to service and constant improvement.
Michael Price, 2B Living, Director of Leasing

Do you want to make ShowMojo part of your Leasing Success Story? We can help with that. No matter how many properties you have, or what type of residents you’re seeking, leasing automation by ShowMojo will help give you the edge you need to successfully grow your business.

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