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In February 2021, Karim Lokas and sister-in law Dolly Wakim and her husband, Elias Daniel from Lebanon opened the doors to their property management company, RPM Experts.

A little over two years later, Real Property Management (RPM) Experts has 235 single family units under management. And the company is about to sign its first multi-family property.

But before all that, Karim, Dolly and Elias had a vision — to become the go-to property managers for investment-minded property owners in greater Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Frictionless Property Management Experience

To become the go-to property manager, the team needed to provide owners with expert advice, reliable cash flow, and minimal surprises. The key to executing this was building what Lokas called, “A frictionless property management machine”.

The problem was this frictionless machine couldn’t work on just one dimension. It had to simultaneously remove friction for applicants, residents, vendors, and RPM Experts’ employees.

If that was done, the company could operate efficiently enough to enable RPM Experts to provide high quality services, hire great employees and support that with premium rates, Lokas said. With great employees and efficient processes, RPM Experts and its clients could thrive.

At the core of this cascade of causes and effects, Lokas, Managing Director at RPM Experts, knew he needed a technology blueprint solution that could be the technical backbone of his frictionless machine.

How ShowMojo Greased the Skids for RPM Experts

Lokas is an engineer from the software industry by trade. Currently, he advises three different software startups. He helps these companies use technology to build a competitive advantage.

But at RPM Experts, Lokas is his own tech adviser. And one of the first sources of friction he sought to eliminate was the applicant experience including property access. So what made ShowMojo stand out initially to Lokas was our capacity to offer keyless access with MojoLock G3 Deadbolts integrated directly into the ShowMojo platform from Showings to Move-Ins, Maintenance and the Entire Tenancy Cycle.

ShowMojo Offers the Key to Keyless

As any property manager knows, keys get lost, tenants get locked out, and locks have to be re-keyed. Key management becomes a big, unnecessary mess.

Using MojoLocks, Lokas and his team facilitate easy, secure access to their clients’ properties. Access is available from a keypad on the lock as well as directly from the ShowMojo mobile app. With the Option to Distribute Single or Multi-Use Codes, the RPM Experts team provides access for staff, vendors, and agents. Residents not only have access to their MojoLock (or MojoLocks) on their homes from a mobile app — They Can Even Create Their Own Custom Codes for Both Themselves and Guests.

This makes managing rental homes more seamless. Vendors don’t need to stop by the RPM Experts office or meet a renter at the home to gain access. Both effort and expense are saved because locks don’t need to be rekeyed. And RPM Experts staff don’t need to duplicate keys or visit the property if a resident is locked out.

Additionally, RPM Experts allows prospective renters to self-tour their available homes. The MojoLock G3, set directly into the door, provides everyone with an easier and more secure experience.

Today, RPM Experts’ properties are quickly approaching 80 percent keyless. Because when it’s done well, adding keyless entry removes friction like WD-40 on a door hinge.

MojoLocks Perfect the Balance of Security and User Experience

The trouble with minimizing friction in the rental experience is that doing so is often at the expense of security. This is especially true for self-show property managers, like RPM Experts.

Fortunately for RPM Experts, the ShowMojo platform Addresses Security Issues Far Beyond the Aspects of a Physical Smartlock. In fact, ShowMojo’s keyless solution helped RPM Experts completely eliminate fraud attempts.

Before the ShowMojo G3 locks, we were seeing one fraud attempt every few months. After implementing the locks, we have had zero successful fraud attempts.
Karim Lokas, RPM Experts, Managing Partner

That definitely had something to do with the robust set of security features associated with the ShowMojo MojoLock G3, which include:

  • Individualized access codes that are restricted by hour, by day, and for up to 28 months.
  • Driver license scanning.
  • AI-driven fraud assessments and flagging.
  • Automated escalation to bank-level identity verification.
  • Mobile device geo-location.

It also helps that the ShowMojo platform offers advanced and automated photo watermarking. Unwatermarked (and even lightly watermarked) rental listing photos are like catnip to fraudsters. So This Early Defense Greatly Discourages Fraudulent Activity in the First Place.

Leadership and Service Bring It All Together

Lokas knows technology’s functionality is only one part of the equation. Ultimately, it’s the people who unlock the magic.

What stood out about ShowMojo wasn’t just its robust capabilities but also its customer service team. ShowMojo’s team really took the time to understand our goals as a property manager so we could deploy the platform as effectively as possible.
Karim Lokas, RPM Experts, Managing Partner

Lokas has grown to appreciate ShowMojo’s Receptivity to Feedback and Commitment to Continuous Improvement. But it’s actually something he spotted from the beginning. When he was evaluating leasing solutions, Lokas recalls thinking, “ShowMojo had a better direction with a visionary leader and would be advancing at a faster pace than the alternatives.”

RPM Experts Poised for Growth

For the RPM Experts team, keyless access was the first place they could see a difference in the way ShowMojo operates. But as Lokas explains, ShowMojo isn’t just about keyless access:

ShowMojo is an expert solution. It’s the most powerful tool in the marketplace and it manages almost the entire leasing process for RPM Experts — from generating leads to converting them to applicants.
Karim Lokas, RPM Experts, Managing Partner

With ShowMojo, RPM Experts can Syndicate Its Listing to All the Major Listing Sites in the United States. As leads come in, ShowMojo does the heavy lifting for RPM Experts, Automatically Screening Prospects, Scheduling Tours, Nurturing Leads, and Following Up After Every Showing. This includes all the important details, including application submissions and access for self-showings.

It’s the kind of symbiotic relationship between technology, people, and process that Lokas has helped facilitate for decades. And in the coming years, it’s a relationship that will continue to set RPM Experts apart as North Carolina’s go-to property manager.

Do you want to make ShowMojo part of your Leasing Success Story? We can help with that. No matter how many properties you have, or what type of residents you’re seeking, Leasing Automation will help give you the edge you need to successfully grow your business.

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