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Jon Smith, the owner of Simple Property Management, keeps himself busy with two big projects. The first is his high school basketball team, which he’s been coaching for more than a decade. The second is managing 175 residential units throughout the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Balancing these two projects isn’t a simple task. The high school basketball season doesn’t exactly fit around an 8-hour workday. And the demands of property management often get loudest at the most inconvenient times.

But with the help of ShowMojo, Smith makes it look easy.

Simple Property Management Adopts ShowMojo to Save Time

Smith is a self-proclaimed early adopter. He loves technology that can improve his life by saving time for meaningful things (just don’t get him started on his Airtable automations).

So way back in 2013 when Smith discovered the scheduling convenience and Leasing Automation ShowMojo could offer, he bought in. He’s been a customer ever since.

When describing how he likes to employ time-saving technology, Smith explained, “My goal is to be the laziest, hard-working person possible.”

At the time Smith brought ShowMojo on, his boots were firmly on the ground. If he wasn’t on the road or showing a property, Smith was often chained to his desk — scheduling showings and answering questions via phone and email.

ShowMojo immediately took almost all of that phone and email activity off his plate. But that was far from the end of the time savings. Once Smith rolled out self-showings via ShowMojo, his drive time went the way of the dodo. In short, as time went on, Smith adopted different aspects of what ShowMojo could do in line with his management style and philosophy. With these ShowMojo features in place, Smith Radically Cut Down the Time He Spent Scheduling, Driving, and Doing Admin Work.

This helped Smith grow the company the way he wanted, while still having enough headspace to be there for his players.

The Good Time Savings Keep on Rolling

Even with much of his scheduling and leasing process handed off to ShowMojo, Smith still had room to optimize his property management business. Up until that point, dealing with the lockboxes that support self-guided tours had been a major time suck for Smith. Specifically, the lockboxes and associated keys needed to be driven to on-market rentals and collected from off-market rentals.

So when ShowMojo introduced the MojoLock Smartlock, Smith was intrigued. He had long believed that keyless entry makes for a better experience for his residents, vendors, staff, and himself.

But initially, cost was an issue. So he started with a slow, gradual approach.

Every time one of his properties turned over, he’d use that opportunity to install a MojoLock. He’d pass the cost on to his owners with no markup. This made the process easy for everyone. Building the cost of the MojoLock into the turnover cost made it more palatable for owners. And doing it at cost made sense for Smith because of the time the locks saved him.

MojoLocks saves me at least 60 hours per year in drive time. Before I had to be the guy to go out to the properties with the key for showings. Vendors needed the key. Locks had to be rekeyed at turnover. All that’s done now with ShowMojo because you can have multiple codes—time-limited codes for vendors and prospects and long-term codes for residents.
Jon Smith, Simple Property Management

Maintaining the Personal Touch with Keyless

Above all, Smith wants to create a good experience for himself, his staff, prospects, and residents. So while he’s a staunch believer in keyless, he still believes in adding a personal touch for his prospects and residents.

To maintain a high-touch, yet keyless experience for prospects, Smith makes sure prospective renters can call his team if they want to. But since his team can’t always be available, he has also adopted ShowMojo’s Live Answer functionality. For him and his staff, Live Answer provides a “last line of defense” so prospective renters always have someone to talk to.

Smith and his team also appreciate that Live Answer helps them reduce listing fraud by running security scans, immediately blocking access to any newly identified fraudulent actors, and offering feedback on the security of Simple Property Management’s listings

Also, for every new resident, Simple Property Management is in contact with them at move-in via email, text, and phone. Once a resident moves in, Smith ensures his staff schedules a follow-up call to make sure everything’s ok with the MojoLock and the rest of the unit.

Smith Goes All-in on the Things That Matter

For Smith, the things that matter are:

  • making sure his owners and residents are happy and
  • being present for the kids on his basketball team.

ShowMojo helps remove the unexpected phone calls, driving, scheduling, and coordinating that used to get in the way of these meaningful things.

Since ShowMojo introduced their Unit-Based Billing Plan, Smith has gone all in on MojoLocks. This specialized billing plan allows for an unlimited number of MojoLocks on the ShowMojo account without any additional monthly fee. Smith now even has two MojoLocks in his own home. And his goal is to make all of his properties keyless. Plus, he has some coaching for property managers who are hesitant to make the leap to keyless:

I believe everyone should be keyless. Property managers will say keyless locks get stuck. Normal locks get stuck too. In both cases, it’s almost always an installation issue, not a keyless issue. If I ask them, none of my residents would choose to have a key instead of having keyless entry. The MojoLock gives you both… since it can be keyed to master keys and tenant keys.
Jon Smith, Simple Property Management

Coach has spoken.

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