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Mark Durakovic has made a career of delivering excellent service for his clients and their investments. And he can still remember the day in 2018 when he got a call from an owner that his leasing line’s voicemail inbox was full.

The idea of losing even one prospective renter to an overflowing inbox was unacceptable. Not long after that call, Durakovic connected with the ShowMojo team to solve the problem. And he wasn’t disappointed.

ShowMojo Answers Every Lead

Durakovic’s company, Kass Management Services, manages, leases, and maintains thousands of multi-family units throughout the city of Chicago. Leasing these units requires managing an avalanche of inquiries.

So what hooked Durakovic and his team on ShowMojo initially was the platform’s ability to answer every inquiry automatically. Each prospective renter who submitted a listing inquiry got an opportunity to schedule a showing through ShowMojo, whether the leasing line’s voicemail inbox was full or not.

In addition to responding to all inquiries via text and email, ShowMojo also Nurtures Leads that Don’t Convert into Renters by:

  • Watching for rent reductions on listings and emailing every prospective renter who inquired about that listing to inform them of the reduced rent.
  • Emailing every lead who expressed interest in a similar listing when Kass Management posts a new listing.

The initial problem was solved, and then some. But as any property manager knows, especially one the size of Kass Management Services, one problem gives way to another, and then another.

Performance Tracking for 400 Large Multi-Family Buildings in Chicago

As one of the largest multi-family property managers in Chicago, Kass Management Services has unique and sophisticated reporting needs.

The company manages every kind of multi-family property, from triplexes to 200-unit apartment buildings. And they do it for every kind of building owner.

So while the ShowMojo platform has powerful out-of-the-box reporting, Durakovic needed a customized solution. The solution had to allow Durakovic and his team to clearly communicate what matters most to many different kinds of owners.

Our owners trust us to ensure their investments are financially sound, well-maintained, and profitable. We earn that trust through good communication. Reporting is an important piece of that. So the fact that ShowMojo’s team knew how to listen to our needs and deliver customized reporting for our owners has been big for us.
Mark Durakovic, Principal at Kass Management Services, Inc.

Of course, owners aren’t the only ones who benefit from reporting. Kass Management Services managers also use ShowMojo’s Reports to analyze recent showings activity, conversion rates, lead sources, and prospect feedback.

Keeping to a Showing Schedule in the Country’s Most Congested City

Durakovic explained that in 2023, Chicago ranked as The Most Congested City in the United States.

He wasn’t bragging. He was illustrating the challenges his company, specifically his agents, face when they’re tasked with efficiently scheduling in-person showings.

Fortunately, the agents at Kass Management Services can rely on ShowMojo’s Autonomous Scheduling to schedule their showings in location-aware clusters.

Autonomous Scheduling even accounts for traffic-based travel times that vary on weekdays versus weekends. This helps ensure agents make it to each showing while also minimizing downtime between showings.

What’s Next for Kass Management Services

Since becoming a Senior Manager at Kass in 2008, and a Partner in 2009, Durakovic has been the heart and soul of the company’s operations. From managing, training, and mentoring employees to developing the business through sales and marketing and managing client relations, he does it all.

But Durakovic is now setting the foundation to empower his staff so he can spend more time Working on the Business and Less Time in the Business. He envisions ShowMojo playing a pivotal role in that process.

What’s next for us is getting those top-level leasing reports dialed in. We need to get to the point where we can see, at a glance, where each prospect is in the leasing journey and what the next steps to convert them into a renter are. With that, I can start to see where I can focus on growth and still make sure our staff is being used to their capacity.
Mark Durakovic, Principal at Kass Management Services, Inc.

Together with Kass Management Services, ShowMojo is forming the foundation necessary to bring Durakovic’s vision to reality.

What’s on your vision board? Probably not images of stuffed email inboxes, voicemails, and unread text messages. But without Leasing Automation, that may be your reality.

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