Spoiled for Choice: ShowMojo Launches Native Support for iCloud and CalDAV Calendars

In the leasing world, your calendar is often the heart of your workday. And the big tech companies (ahem, Google, Microsoft) want to cage your heart in their duopolistic shackles. Unfortunately, they’re pretty damn good at it. But with today’s announcement, we’re sighting our slingshots squarely on these Goliaths. ShowMojo now supports calendar integration with Apple iCloud and other CalDAV-based calendaring systems.

Two Not-So-Small Steps Toward EFFORTLESS Rental Applicant Processing

When it comes to Leasing Automation, ShowMojo is the first and most powerful residential rental scheduling platform, a best-of-breed digital marketing and syndication system, an innovative and one-of-a-kind dynamic prospect nurturing framework, and a digital access powerhouse for smartlocks (MojoLock G3) and digital lockboxes (MojoBox). In addition to all of that, did you know ShowMojo has a powerful applicant collection and screening system that picks right up after a successful showing? And we’ve now added two more stitches to make this whole package even better.

Stop Sales Spats in Their Tracks with the New SAME AGENT Feature

Leasing (and sales) can be a cutthroat game. Coffee’s for closers, Always Be Closing, and all that. That is until the new, customer-requested feature we’re announcing in this blog post. Let’s just say it’ll bring a trickle of tranquility to the leasing turf wars… a quantity of kumbaya to the chaos of lead assignment… a lighter touch to those leasing love triangles. This feature is going to make assigning leads and splitting up work a lot easier for you and your agents.

Do You Know Which Leads Require a Reply? ShowMojo Does

You know those days and weeks. It’s just a firehose of emails spraying at you and your leasing team, saturating your inbox. We built ShowMojo more than a decade ago to handle that very issue. So every inquiry instantly receives an on-message response. Moreover, the lead can then self-schedule and self-direct their leasing journey and into one of your available listings. All this while your team is busy attending to other matters. Many ShowMojo customers very successfully stop here and leave Leasing Automation to handle all the communication and coordination with prospects and third parties. But that’s not the end of the story. Not for everyone. We get it.