Announcing Two New Syndication Partners

At ShowMojo, we’re always looking to maximize your marketing dollar. Sometimes that’s with features (like Listing Boost and Max Listing Rotation) that straight-up address how expensive marketing can be. Sometimes that’s by Extending Our Dynamic Prospect Nurturing Two Years into the Future. Today, that’s by expanding our syndication activities beyond standard single family and multi-family rentals.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Up To FOUR Permanent Access Codes For Every MojoLock G3

It’s been a year since we announced the permanent access code feature for the MojoLock G3. We still remember the stinging retort from several of our most diehard users: Can we have a second permanent access code, please? It’s been a year, because weaving hardware and software seamlessly together takes time. At last, here’s our rebuttal: You get four permanent access codes with each MojoLock G3. Starting today.

Text with Prospects Directly from the ShowMojo Mobile App

Yes, you read that right. Text messaging is supposed to be mobile. It just doesn’t make sense why so many business texting solutions force you, the user, to sit in front of a physical keyboard and old school monitor to use them. You’d think it was still 1995 or something. Now, with ShowMojo’s two-way text messaging feature, you and your team can message by text with prospects using the ShowMojo mobile app and get new message alerts right on your iPhone or Android device.

Announcing the AppFolio Integration, FINALLY

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of a feature request that has been in our backlog for ten years. Yes, it’s been literally a decade. Some Great Things take time. (Just in case anyone is considering an over-the-hill birthday gift for yours truly.) So let’s just celebrate. ShowMojo™ is officially part of the AppFolio Stack™ Marketplace. That means never-before-seen integration capabilities.

CATCH A BREAK With Unit-Based Pricing Plans

Residential leasing is anything but predictable. Seasons shift and creak. Markets rocket and dive and roll and bounce. All the while people come and go only a whole lot faster right now.  Looking for some predictability? Check Out the Unit-Based Plans. These plans have everything you could hope for, from full-featured do-it-for-you (Ultra) to just-get-it-done affordable (Classic). And, then, there’s the favorite mainstay (Pro) that puts all the ShowMojo features you know and love on a super-predictable budget.