Case Study: How RPM Experts Greased the Chute of the Property Management Experience

In our Last Case Study Recap, we explored how 2B Living Property Management maintained its excellent service even after expanding its portfolio from 700 to 3000 units.
But what about the little(r) guys? Not to worry — we haven’t forgotten about you.
In this newsletter, you’ll learn about how a startup property management company used ShowMojo as it grew its portfolio from zero to over 330 units.

A Leasing Automation Case Study: A Blueprint for Leasing Efficiency

We’ve been interviewing our most successful customers to uncover the secrets behind their success. And we’re ready to spill the beans. The goal of these interviews is to document valuable lessons on operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and innovation in the leasing process. With that in mind, we’ve spun these interviews into Ten Action-Packed, Insight-Filled Case Studies that you can read at your leisure.

Breaking News: Sleeping In On the Weekend, Late Workday Lunches Reduce Market Times

Perhaps not surprisingly, our data shows that renters prefer to tour listings around their workday, during lunch and after work especially. Yet showing agents tend to schedule tours around their workday. To align better with renters, and in effect get more showings, our data indicates that you should be shifting your showing schedule just an hour later. In other words, the early bird may get the worm. But lest we forget, the second mouse gets the cheese. Don’t take our word for it. We’ll walk through the data in this blog post.

Effortless Listings: New Listing Default Settings Arrive, Bulk Update Exits Beta

Ever wish your computer would do what you want without you constantly looking over its shoulder? All this clicking and typing and remembering stuff. It’s a bit much. So we got to thinking and tinkering with ShowMojo. And we came up with an upgrade. We decided against a chip that enables you to control the Computer With Your Thoughts. Privacy was a concern, but we also wanted to free your mind, not control it. Enter: Listing Default Settings.

ShowMojo’s Lead Generation From Zillow and Zumper Just Got Supercharged

Let’s be honest. When it comes to lead syndication, there is a cool kids club. And if Zillow is the president, Zumper is the trusty sidekick — think Regina George’s right hand woman, Gretchen Wieners, from Mean Girls. Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve made inroads into this exclusive club. And no, it doesn’t mean You Wear Pink on Wednesdays (end Mean Girls references). It means you will receive direct invitations to Zillow’s and Zumper’s parties. Below, we’ll explain why that’s a big deal.

2024 Q1 Market Update: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

In the market updates we released for February, May, and September of 2023, we warned of an increasingly soft rental market. Now we’re in the thick of it. Yes, there are some locales that might be an exception. But, nationwide, the applicants-without-effort party has been over for some time. By now, most everybody knows that, so we’re not claiming to break new ground here. But we’re going to show you the details of what’s going on, what comes next, and how you should respond.

2023 Wrapped, ShowMojo Edition: A Recap of 2023’s Greatest Feature Releases

Ah, the beginning of the New Year. The leftovers are gone and dumpsters are full of cardboard. There’s a mix of ambitious resolutions and post-holiday blues in the air. We’re just past the time of year that music streaming companies like to roll out curations of all the data they’ve been tracking on you — Spotify Wrapped, and its copycats. But we’ve got a different kind of recap. A recap that you can use, rather than one that shames you for your questionable audio entertainment choices. It’s a recap of all the new features that came to ShowMojo in 2023.

The MojoLock G3 Is Dead. Long Live the MojoLock G4.

We had a parade, fireworks, fly-bys, and the fife and drum corps all lined up. Everything was ready, for mid-January. But we just sold our last MojoLock G3. Ever. And it’s not even Decorated Fur Tree Day. It doesn’t matter that the MojoLock G4s are busy slogging through the Drought-Ridden Panama Canal. There are enough air-shippable MojoLock G4s at hand. So we’re doing this MojoLock G4 announcement thing right here right now.