NEW MojoLocks FEATURE Makes Multi-Unit Property Showings AMAZING

For over a decade, ShowMojo has made in-person, multi-family showings a delightful experience for both renters and agents by:

Giving prospective residents the high-touch immediacy they expect, freeing leasing agents from the low-value monotony of phone-and-email coordination, so they can focus on what agents do best: selling and closing.

Which begs the question — what’s so special about today’s announcement? MojoLocks (and ShowMojo) don’t just get self-showings into the unit but through the entrance door as well.

Your Holiday Gift from ShowMojo? A NEW Anti-Fraud FEATURE.

We know stopping fraud and reviewing identity documents can be a royal pain in the reindeer.

That’s why we’re running so fast at fraud-based initiatives, including the hugely popular Document Verification Beta with Real Automated ID Approval and our new Enhanced Anti-Fraud Screen. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Now, to help make the most of the upcoming holidays, we’ve added one more time-saving anti-fraud feature.

Even Better ANSWERS from Live Answer

With Leasing Automation you don’t need anyone (human, orangutan, nor Neptunian) answering the phone. But, hey, we know that’s not enough for every situation, nor every goal.

Does your team strive to keep market times low with an attentive, personal, 24/7 answer? That’s crazy simple.

Combine leasing automation for the heavy lifting with Live Answer for the high touch so absolutely every caller gets the service they expect and need.