NEW MojoLocks FEATURE Makes Multi-Unit Property Showings AMAZING

For over a decade, ShowMojo has made in-person, multi-family showings a delightful experience for both renters and agents by:

Giving prospective residents the high-touch immediacy they expect, freeing leasing agents from the low-value monotony of phone-and-email coordination, so they can focus on what agents do best: selling and closing.

Which begs the question — what’s so special about today’s announcement? MojoLocks (and ShowMojo) don’t just get self-showings into the unit but through the entrance door as well.

Your Holiday Gift from ShowMojo? A NEW Anti-Fraud FEATURE.

We know stopping fraud and reviewing identity documents can be a royal pain in the reindeer.

That’s why we’re running so fast at fraud-based initiatives, including the hugely popular Document Verification Beta with Real Automated ID Approval and our new Enhanced Anti-Fraud Screen. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Now, to help make the most of the upcoming holidays, we’ve added one more time-saving anti-fraud feature.