This page provides a live example of ShowMojo’s Website SEO integration. SEO is an important component of providing competitive services, and rental listing sites are not exempt. This is one of several options that ShowMojo customers have access to for displaying and linking to their listings within ShowMojo, complete with access to scheduling. This add-on feature in particular is meant to assist ShowMojo customers with SEO for their listings, while including straightforward access to listing gallery features like filtering, search, and scheduling.

The standard approach to ShowMojo’s Listings Gallery is to place it in an iframe on your page that links out to ShowMojo schedule-a-showing pages. However, as a monthly add-on, ShowMojo’s Website SEO Integration adds the listings gallery to your website in a way that:

  • Retains all the SEO benefit from renters who start looking at listings on your website.
  • Keeps renters on your site while they schedule showings and look for other places, rather than having them click away from your site.
  • More tightly (and cleanly) integrates the listing gallery and scheduling experience into your website.

This add-on feature specifically depends upon using the ShowMojo listings gallery. If you already have a fully custom website, with your own custom listing pages, we recommend that you consider using the Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over. The Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over is another ShowMojo feature which allows you to link to ShowMojo scheduling pages directly from your custom company website or custom listings site. Like the name implies, the Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over adds a pop-over which can be pulled up via link click to provide the prospective renter with the schedule-a-showing form for the corresponding listing. It’s another great way to incorporate ShowMojo scheduling into your website.

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