Leasing Automation Follows Up Instantly with Every Lead

Are you or your team fielding inquiries, emails, and text messages at all times of the day and night? Do you need to get control of your lives (and your work lives) so that everyone can get back to their lives (and other work)?

ShowMojo’s Leasing Automation can make you and your team three times more productive by fielding and responding to every leasing inquiry.

Since leads can come from many sources and communicate in many different ways, ShowMojo has a solution for all of them. And the goal is always the same — to get a schedule-a-showing link to the prospective renter so they can self-screen and schedule to see the listing.

What’s most important? No one from your team is ever involved.

When prospects inquire via an online listing site

ShowMojo emails and texts the prospective renter with a schedule-a-showing link for the specific listing. If the prospect doesn’t respond or schedule, ShowMojo automatically follows up in 24 hours with additional messaging.

When prospects call

ShowMojo answers and encourages the prospect to immediately self-schedule a showing. Your team may also choose to give the caller options to speak with a live person or leave a voicema

When prospects email

ShowMojo’s Auto-Reply feature automatically receives and replies to listing inquiries with an email that can be customized to include similar listings, links to video tours, and more. They’ll be sent a follow up email as well if a showing hasn’t been scheduled.

When prospects text

ShowMojo automatically responds with a link to your listings gallery, so the prospective renter can immediately schedule a showing.

Value a human voice on the phone, but short on staff or time?

ShowMojo’s Live Answer add-on service is there for those prospective renters who really want to schedule their showing with a live person, or who might have other questions they wish to ask over the phone.

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We’re only scratching the surface here. There are so many possibilities to reduce your market times, boost your bottom line, improve your team’s job satisfaction, and delight your prospective renters.

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