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All the must-have features for any property manager or owner to offer online scheduling and streamline the showing process. These include automated communications with prospects, showing coordination, syndication, and more.



Predictable pricing for accompanied showings (based on your on-market listings) and a small additional fee for each self-show Digital Access Device. Our classic plan makes it easy for you to scale your Leasing Automation™ without having to scale your team while meeting your specific needs and requirements.



Easy self-setup, with online directions every step of the way. Sign up and go — and never look back. This is by far the simplest way to streamline your pre-leasing process and offer a better experience for your prospects.

ShowMojo CLASSIC is the back-to-basics approach from ShowMojo — a distillation down to what we initially set out to build back in 2013.

ShowMojo CLASSIC is for:

  • New owners and managers

  • Smaller companies where cost is top priority

  • Anyone who wants only online scheduling (and not full leasing automation)

Grow your doors without growing your staff. Reduce costs. Let ShowMojo CLASSIC answer all your leasing calls and emails, screen before the showing, confirm with the prospect, and follow up for feedback. ShowMojo CLASSIC can, quite literally, improve your quality of life.

When you need more — like multi-user, advanced phone and text features, document verification, dynamic prospect nurturing, leasing funnel intelligence, and much much more —  that’s the time for a different ShowMojo plan with more features fit your expanding needs.

Pricing for Accompanied Showings

When you choose to automate the pre-leasing process with ShowMojo CLASSIC, our platform handles all the scheduling for you. All you need to do is be there when your prospect arrives to see the property. Our pricing plans mean you’ll only pay for what you need.

$29 / month

for up to 3 on-market listings



$7 / month

for each additional on-market listing

Optional Add-on for Self-Showings

If you want to give prospects the opportunity to see the property by themselves, it’s a simple matter to integrate self-showings into the platform. Just install a digital access device such as a VaultLOCKS eLockbox, a CodeBox or our MojoLock smartlock. After the software validates the prospect, he or she will be sent an access code to view the home.

Buy a Digital Access Device

MojoBox Lockbox, MojoLock Smartlock, VaultLOCKS eLockbox or CodeBox



$3 / month

per Digital Access Device when you use it

$1.50 a month each when you don’t

What’s Included?

We offer the most complete leasing automation solution on the market, combining a wide range of features to take as much off your shoulders as possible.

Unlimited Leads and Showings

Unlimited Off-Market Listings

Automated Listing Import

Advertise on Over 50 Listing Sites

Email Auto-Reply to Syndicated Listings

ShowMojo PHONE Automated Answer

Powerful Scheduling Options

Best-in-Class Self-Guided Tours

Custom Screening Questions

Showing (Current Tenant) Notification

Three-Step Showing Confirmation

Post-Showing Follow-Up

Feedback Surveys

Third-Party Calendar Integration

Listing Gallery Widget

Prospect Cross-Marketing

Lead Claim for Small Teams

Email Support

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