A Comprehensive Rental Application Solution

Built on the Only True Leasing Automation Platform

The job of a property manager, or landlord, or do-it-yourself investor is already tough enough.

You shouldn’t have to cobble together rental applications, applicant fee collection, and applicant screening. Or get wedged into someone else’s half-baked application tool.

What you need is a complete application process that you can spin up right now. An application your prospective renters can complete from anywhere. A solution that you can tailor to your needs.

With ShowMojo, that’s what you get.

Best of Breed Rental Applications

Included for free on most ShowMojo accounts

Simple yet customizable

Employment, other income, pets, vehicles, references, occupants, custom questions — we’ve got it all.

Get more applications with fewer showings

Hot rental market? Save time and require prospects to submit an application before scheduling a showing.

Ready for anything

It’s built for mobile, streamlined for ease of use, and ready for life’s little interruptions. Auto-save and auto-notification features allow renters to step away and pick back up from where they left off.

Superior document collection

Get the complete story, with supporting documentation, all at once. You can specify which documents the prospect needs to provide, and whether each type is required or optional.

Effortless Rental Application Fee Collection

Essentially free (paid for solely by the applicant)

Super simple setup

Choose the fee to collect — from $5 to $100 — and you’ll be ready in minutes.

Deeply integrated

Fee collection is a required action in the final step of the rental application. When combined with applicant screening, prospects experience a single unified payment flow.

Effortless payouts

Transmitted electronically via ACH every two weeks.

Easy refunds

While prospects agree to no refund during the payment process, we know refunds happen. And they’re only a few clicks away.

Instantly Available Applicant Screening

Essentially free (paid for solely by the applicant)

Powerful reports and results

With credit reporting from Experian and background screening provided by Contemporary Information Corp (CIC).

Immediate access

There is no credentialing nor screening process. Only a simple identity check and nothing more.

Push of a button

Built into ShowMojo’s application flow. Request the report. Review the report. That’s all.

Ideal for the up and coming

If you have 5 to 100 doors and are riding a lean take-no-prisoners growth rocket then this is just the liquid oxygen you need.